Both models will accommodate children from 5 years up and adults to 200 lbs.  
Either 7.25 inch or 7.5 inch gauge is available - please specify your gauge.  In
addition, 4.75, 5 and 10 inch gauge are available by special order.   For stability,
Rail Pups have a 17 inch wheel base.  25 feet is about the minimum radius
curve. A shorter wheel base is available on request.  Kids and adults have
successfully ridden both Rail Pups on 3% grades.  Rail Pups weigh about 40 lbs,
are 35 inches long, 15 inches wide and 20 inches tall.  They have a rigid
suspension (no springs).

Availability is subject to the whim of my suppliers but is generally three weeks
or less from receipt of a paid order.

Payment through PAYPAL, money orders or personal checks are OK - money
orders and checks just take time to clear.  

Thank you for your interest.
Ken Stanfield
Scale Diversions
Scale Diversions is pleased to announce  two models of the Eaton Rail Pup.  Both
are constructed of solid oak,  steel wheels and ball bearings with heavy duty chain
and sprockets. Sanded and sealed with urethane, the natural wood finish is durable
and looks great.  

The SILVER Rail Pup uses a direct drive system from the hand crank to the axle.  
When the Pup is moving, the crank handles are also.  
There is no coasting  feature
on this Pup, however, it can be propelled backwards.    

The GOLD Rail  Pup uses a type of freewheel drive system to allow coasting.  It
not  be propelled backwards and is equipped with a hand brake.
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